Muscle Tendon Diagram

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Muscle Tendon Diagram - changing shape 6715 ne 63rd st 103 vancouver wa 98661 360 601 0482 human muscle system human muscle system the muscles of the human body that work the skeletal system that are under voluntary control and that are concerned with movement posture and balance broadly considered human muscle like the muscles of all vertebrates is often divided into striated muscle smooth muscle and cardiac muscle structure the tibialis posterior muscle originates on the inner posterior borders of the tibia and fibula it is also attached to the interosseous membrane which attaches to the tibia and fibula the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle sometimes called the posterior tibial tendon descends posterior to the medial malleolus and terminates by dividing into plantar main and recurrent muscle contractile tissue found in animals the function of which is to produce motion movement the intricate cooperation.
of muscle and nerve fibres is the means by which an organism interacts with its environment the innervation of muscle cells or fibres permits an animal to carry out the normal activities of life an organism must move to find food or if it is sedentary must have individual ratio of both types of muscle fiber varies in each individual thought to be ge ically determined sex simoneau et al 1985 found differences in the superior oblique muscle loops through a pulley like structure the trochlea of superior oblique and inserts into the sclera on the posterotemporal surface of the eyeball it is the pulley system that gives superior oblique its actions causing depression of the eyeball facilitated stretching involves contracting a muscle that you are lengthening this increases the tension at the muscle tendon junction and recruits more golgi tendon organs than does stretching a muscle.
webmd provies information about the antomy of the calf muscle including the function conditions affecting the calf including injuries and much more limitation in ankle mobility whether it a result of muscle shortening tendon stiffness or joint restriction interferes with this process by not allowing the lower leg to translate forward over the ankle joint

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